Frequently Asked Equity Release Questions

Do You Qualify?

If you meet the following criteria you normally qualify for equity release schemes: You need to be at least 55 years old. You must own your home, either freehold or with 75 years or more remaining on your lease. It helps if your property is not of unusual construction. You must repay any currently outstanding […]

How Much Money Can I Release?

The amount you can release depends on your age and the value of your property. Generally speaking, men can release more capital than women.  Please refer to the calculator on the main page for guidance. You can use our Equity Release Calculator to find out how much cash you could release from your property. Alternatively, […]

What Are the Costs?

There are a number of costs involved in setting up an Equity Release scheme. Some are deducted from the money you receive, others are payable separately. Valuation Fee. This pays for the lender’s valuation of your property and usually comes to around £250 for a property worth £170,000, although some lenders may offer free valuations. […]

What Can I Use It For?

Equity Release provides a tax free sum for a wide range of purposes including: Home improvements Repaying credit card or other debts Supporting a family business Helping your children buy a home In-home nursing care Private surgical operation Once in a lifetime holiday Paying off an endowment mortgage Moving to a new home Topping up […]

Equity Release Scenarios

Some further typical equity release scenarios… Mother helps son Paying off an endowment mortgage shortfall Charles is a bit of a goer… Debt relief for the elderly Arthur helps a favourite niece Mother helps son Constance is a 67 year old widow with a grown up son. She has lived in her home, now worth […]

The Different Types of Equity Release

At 55+ Equity Release, we can advise and arrange two main types of scheme. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and we recommend that all of our customers weigh up the options before deciding on one or the other. All of our customer’s circumstances differ, so it’s imperative that you choose the best option for […]

Urban Myths

In this section of the website, we aim to confront the many myths that surround equity release. Over the years, equity has been subject to a vast amount of negative press, and we want to locate the source of that negative press and explain how things have changed significantly in recent years. When and Why […]

Can I Alter My Home Whilst In An Equity Release Plan?

People often ask us if it’s possible to make modifications to their home, when an equity release plan has been entered into. From our experience, we understand that most providers will be happy for you to so, but you will require their written consent beforehand. Adding value to your home through making modifications, such as […]

What our clients say

“We are both very happy with the decision to equity release to repay debts to free up disposable income. We got very good advice and help from 55+ Equity Release, and would recommend Jan Johnson to anyone looking into equity release.”

Gerard & Carol, Enfield

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