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Our aim is to provide transparent, honest advice, giving you our recommendation for the solution that we feel best matches your personal circumstances, needs and dreams.

On our website, you’ll find a wealth of information and frequently asked questions relating to how equity release schemes work and the different types of equity release available for people over 55, as well as the costs. You can also find out how much cash you could release from your property, with our easy-to-use over 55 Equity Release Calculator.

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Over 55? Enjoy Your retirement and unlock the true value of your home

For most of us, our home is our biggest asset. Unlocking some of its value can allow you to achieve personal dreams, help loved ones or strengthen your financial position, while still remaining in your own home.

Top motivators for people over 55 interested in equity release schemes:

  • 62% Home or garden improvements
  • 32% Go on holiday
  • 30% Pay debts, such as loans or credit cards
  • 22% Treat or help family or friends
  • 22% Clear outstanding mortgage
  • 13% Help with regular bills

Source: UK Equity Release MARKET Monitor, Q1 2017

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Why choose 55+ Equity Release?

We’re members of the Equity Release Council, which means we have to abide by a stringent code of ethics: we give you honest, transparent advice and always act in your best interests. We’re experienced, award-winning and independent: we provide a personal service and tailored solutions to match your individual needs. Plus we have low fees and access to market-leading products.

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What our clients say

“Great efficiency and great customer relations at all times. It was a pleasure dealing with this firm. We strongly recommend them.”

Alison and David, Kent

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How we help our clients

Home renovation

Margaret from Worthing was recommended to us by a family friend. She wanted to release £25,000 from her home to replace her old, tired kitchen and put in new windows and doors. She also wanted a drawdown facility available just in case she went over budget (which happened in this instance). She managed to complete the full renovations in a couple of months and reported back that she was very happy, not only with her new kitchen, but also that she had added value to her home.

Helping children and grandchildren onto the property ladder

A couple in their 60s came to us because their two sons, aged 22 and 25, wanted to buy a flat together. Both of them were working, but they had no deposit. We serviced an equity release mortgage for the couple that provided the £45,000 deposit their sons required to buy their first home, with the sons able to make the interest payments on the mortgage so their inheritance isn’t reduced further.

Helping a client stay in their own home

Our client had fallen on hard times; due to ill health, he had lost his job and fallen behind with his mortgage. Too old to remortgage, his house was due to be repossessed on 28th December – he was facing a grim New Year. We managed to secure equity release sufficient to pay off the mortgage and penalty fees, meaning he could stay in his home.

Repaying debts to free up disposable income

64-year-old Gerry is approaching retirement next year, when his income will dramatically reduce. He has as mortgage of £11,000 (due to be repaid in 12 months) and other debts totalling £27,000, which he felt he would not be able to service once he retired. He was having sleepless nights worrying about how he was going to repay the debts and he didn’t want to move from his home where he has lived for over 28 years. His home was valued over £500,000 and he was able to release enough to repay his debts, saving him £1,500 a month. He was confident that his pension income would be adequate to cover remaining household bills, so taking away the worry. However, he did qualify for a drawdown facility, which he took advantage of just in case he needed some money to cover unexpected expenses in the future.

Gifting to children as an early inheritance

Our client, Rosemary, is 73 years old and lives in a home valued at £330,000. She has no mortgage and wanted to help her daughter financially to build an extension to her home. She released £85,000 from her home to gift to her daughter. Rosemary was very happy to gift capital to her daughter now whilst they could both enjoy the experience. Her daughter was happy that she was also adding value to her own home.

Help with bills

Our client had been in a care home for a while, but wanted to go home. By writing an equity release mortgage against her £1.2-million home, she could afford to be looked after in the comfort of familiar surroundings. Rather than drawing down all the money at once, it was released in tranches every three months, keeping the interest to a minimum.

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